TRC Talent Solutions

TRC Solutions Infuse World-Class Medical Institution with Enhanced Cost Savings and Productivity


New regulations required contingent staff to undergo extensive pre-employment screening, Training, and orientation. By using dozens of vendors, there were no comprehensive reports on quality, cost, or usage patterns. Each department maintained its own relationships with dozens of staffing vendors, each operating under different contract terms, prices, and guarantees. No one department could ensure compliance with The Joint Commission, HIPAA, OSHA, and AHCA regulations.


Our client designated TRC as the single Managed Service Provider to bring order to their Human Capital Supply Chain.  We became the general manager; taking full responsibility for regulatory compliance, streamlining processes, standardizing contracts, and generating significant cost savings.

The Results

Provide a streamlined, comprehensive approach and improved control of the entire staffing process by providing one point of contact.

• 100% successful compliance in three Joint Commission audits

 • Established quality measures, and achieved continuing improvement

• Comprehensive reports on all staffing activity • Less than 3% turnover

• Delivered over $1M in cost savings over the 9-year life of the relationship

• Mitigation of contractual liability from decreased supplier contracts