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To motivate remote and temporary employees, companies have everything they need to provide the necessary tools to help them do their job. Still, ultimately, it’s up to leadership to implement it. Adopt a growth mindset, create trust, and have open communications are a few of the most critical strategies that amplify motivation in remote and temp employees.

An ill-equipped team cannot do and submit their work on time or without errors. A growth mindset understands that a lack of technical tools also interrupts the workflow of the employee. Communication issues become more apparent when the individual is a remote employee and does not have access to their team or customers

Open communication requires that remote employees have solid email, a strong internet connection, time tracking tools, remote communication resources, video conferencing, project management software, a direct messaging platform, and a way to communicate regularly with their managers. Otherwise, motivation wanes because it’s hard to be proud of one’s deliverable if you don’t have the resources to do it well. 

Psychologically, and for better mental health, autonomy has to be granted to employees. Can your team members make decisions independently, or do they need to get approval for everything they say on a call? With clear feedback, people who are free to decide how to do their job are historically more likely to be motivated.

On the subject of mental health, support employees – both remote and temp – in their mental health by promoting the resources the company has available. Share details of your employee assistance program if there is one. Give tips on how to take breaks throughout the day and support workers in finding work/life balance.

The success factor with any workforce, whether on-premise or remote, is its people. In a remote setup, introducing a recognition program to your entire team will make your remote and temp employees feel like they are a part of the team and that their contributions matter.

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