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If you hire skilled professionals, you already know: The best ones have choices when it comes to selecting a new employer. Companies that fail to create a robust and modern hiring process that aligns with their strategic recruitment goals will inevitably struggle. 

Finding the talent you need requires forethought and planning. If your hiring process isn’t strategic, you may not achieve your recruitment and retention goals. Luckily, now is a great time to make sure your methods will be effective. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some tips that can help you develop a genuinely strategic approach to hiring. 

Make Quality-of-Hire a Critical Metric 

Many hiring metrics don’t focus on the candidate’s long-term success. While time-to-fill, cost-per-hire, and similar data points should be monitored, they don’t give you a strong indication of how well a new hire performed. 

By considering four key areas – performance, potential, promotion/pay, and retention – you can examine the quality of each match. This gives you insights into how successful your hiring processes are when it comes to finding capable professionals who will stick around long-term. 

Adopt a Culture Future Mindset 

Unless your company’s culture is exactly the way you want it, hiring for culture fit isn’t always the right move. Candidates who align with where you are today might not help you achieve your vision for tomorrow, making them a less than ideal choice. 

Instead, consider which job seekers reflect what you want your culture to look like in the coming months or years. That way, you are bringing in talent who will facilitate a shift in that direction. 

Create an Employee Referral Bonus Program 

Often, referred candidates are more likely to succeed than those who apply directly. Since your employees already understand your organization and culture, and wouldn’t refer someone who’d reflect poorly on them, referrals tend to be higher quality matches. 

By offering an employee referral bonus, you are encouraging your staff to consider whether anyone in their network might make a great new hire and recommending them. Not only can you receive more referrals this way, but you’ll also boost morale and reduce your hiring costs, even with the bonus. 

Get Your Top Performers Talking 

Candidates often trust information about an employer more when it comes from an employee than when it comes from the company itself. If you want to engage with more job seekers, consider asking your top performers to record video testimonials. Then, you can share them on your social media pages to generate interest. 

Embrace Mobile-Friendly Recruitment 

Professionals are increasingly relying on their smartphones to manage a job search. If your career pages, applications, or other aspects of your hiring process aren’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on top talent. Make sure your designs are responsive. That way, they’ll adjust based on the detected device, ensuring your website, application, and more display correctly. 

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