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Bring our passion for problem-solving to any area of your business.

Our ability to find the right talent to solve our clients’ problems is well-known in the HR, staffing and talent arenas. But when we combine that strength with our deep, broad base of experienced, knowledgeable connections, we’re ideally positioned to identify and tap the right people to help address many other diverse business issues. From process and productivity optimization to a rapid emergency response, we can help you assess root causes, develop a clear Statement of Work (SOW) and implement solutions that will make a tangible difference to your business.  

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The TRC Advantage

A more affordable and individualized alternative to traditional consulting firms.

The adage goes, “When your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail.” At TRC, we can access a massive range of tools – because our clients can have a massive range of issues demanding solutions. And while most consulting firms have a defined way they do things, we individualize our approach. That includes our ability to identify people who are likely to understand your business, your challenges, and the best way to address them. It’s an unusual approach, which can yield significant rewards for your business.


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