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In 2023, it’s a given that the way recruiters and applicants in the workforce will continue to evolve and will rely increasingly on digital, with a heightened approach on social media as a vehicle for messaging and announcements. To stay ahead of the curve, organizations really don’t have a choice other than to add social into their overall recruitment plan. Otherwise, they look antiquated and will miss out on good candidates seeing their job postings. 

Here are a few ways to effectively use social media in your strategy:

Start an authentic conversation with potential candidates. 

When reaching out, be honest and say exactly what the company is looking for and why that candidate might be a good fit for it. The transparency will be felt no matter the platform you choose to do it on, though we typically recommend LinkedIn.

Become well-versed with advanced search features.

Target a specific group of people on social media using advanced targeting features. Some social media sites make this easier than others. Facebook, for example, offers detailed targeting features like specific geography, interests stated, and other information users give (but be sure to stay aware of the rules when it comes to ads for job postings). But most major social media sites (even those not owned by Facebook) have their own effective parameters because they know how beneficial it is to use social media for recruitment.

Ask your employees to promote open positions with their social networks.

You hired your existing employees already, so hopefully, you trust who they associate with and potential candidates they may be able to offer. At company meetings, announce what positions are open and ask employees to share the job posting(s) on their social media. This has proven to be an extremely effective tool for many. Take it one step further and give them suggested social media copy to use as well as a graphic that they can easily share on their Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Verify candidates through their social media.

Our lives exist on social media. Looking at what your potential employee is posting on social media can help to verify that their resume is accurate and check for any potential red flags. This tactic is not intended to discriminate against candidates based on their personal choices but to find the right fit for your specific company culture.

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