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De-stigmatizing Temporary Employment: Showcasing the Value of the Work 

There is oftentimes a misguided stigma associated with hiring temporary staffers. When broaching the idea with colleagues and management, there is an abundance of ways to combat the stigma by showcasing the value, benefits, and cost savings of adding contract workers to the organizational mix. 

Companies outsource work to contractors and temporary staffers a lot more frequently than you may think. According to the American Staffing Association, American staffing companies hire nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees over a year. A recent NPR/Marist Poll determined that 1 in 5 jobs in America is held by a worker under contract. 

We have rounded up 8 ways working with temporary staffers will benefit your organization: 

  1. It’s a short-term solution. If you have an immediate need for extra resources, a temp staffer can fill the gap without overextending your current full-time staff. 
  1. Contractors often bring fresh ideas and an unbiased perspective to current projects, clients, and the company overall. 
  1. Staffing agencies make it their mission to find the perfect fit for their clients. The time savings from interviewing someone who is already fully vetted versus sifting through a pile of resumes is a welcome reprieve to internal HR. 
  1. A temp role allows companies the ability to try the contractor on for size before you commit to hiring them permanently. 
  1. Reduced overtime for current employees. Current employees will see the benefit of bringing on additional support as needed for large projects as it will give them some time back. When they recognize you value them and support a work/life balance, it keeps them loyal and committed. 
  1. Contractors are 1099 instead of W2, so they are responsible for paying their taxes and do not qualify for worker’s comp, reducing the burden on the internal accounting team and bottom line. 
  1. If there is someone that is a great fit for the organization that is technically non-compliant when it comes to organizational permanent role criteria (i.e. H-1B visa, poor credit), this allows you the ability to bring them on as needed. 
  1. Contractors typically do not receive benefits from the company, another cost reduction for you. 

There is oftentimes the option to convert the contractor to a permanent role if they are the right job and cultural fit for your organization, with one-third of contract employees being offered a permanent position at the end of their assignment. 

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